Welcome to Southern Cross Brafords


Our Story

The Southern Cross Braford stud is a family operation. The stud is managed by Ray and Sharon Bowen with the help of their two sons, Sam and Joe.


The stud forms one of the enterprises on a mixed farming property in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia. Other enterprises include prime lamb production and cropping.

Our Vision

The Braford is a versatile breed that can adapt to many conditions and is a viable beef producer. Our aim is to produce beef! In order to maximise beef production we need muscle, width, depth,softness and length in the cattle we breed. We want and need cattle that in tough times still display these qualities and can quickly add weight when conditions are favourable. Our cattle live in a temperature range from -10 to 45 degrees Celsius.









Sires used for 2015 drop calves are pictured below

Griffinrs.jpg - large New sire Little Valley Griffin (P) purchased at the  2014 National Sale for $13 000 - 29months, 964kg, P8 fat 18, Rib fat 10, IMF 4.2, EMA 140. The new 2015 calves by Griffin are looking promising!

Carinya Nikkon (P) by Carinya Endeavour


 Southern Cross Condor (P) by Chadwick Downs Hotspur

Southern Cross Wilson (H) by Tareola Double Up